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photo by Ula Liuka Photography

photo by Ula Liuka Photography



(Kaunas, Lithuania)

Silverpieces emerged as a band at the end of year 2014. Previous works of songstress Agnė were well widely acclaimed, but her new creative ideas needed realization in the form of a band with live instruments. Silverpieces music is based on rock music fundamentals, but the result can be hardly compared with classic rock music. Imagine a djent lover, a drummer who is complex rhythm addict and a persistent melancholic guitarist arranging songs together.  PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Meshuggah are some of the bands inspirations.

The band recorded their first demo in Kent in late 2016, and it was the Britain’s Best Small Venue (according to the NME) or Ramsgate Music Hall where they played their debut gig. This summer, Silverpieces play festivals with full set of songs from their upcoming album called Linger, which is due this autumn.


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