Silverpieces rehearse in a borough of Kaunas, Vilijampolė. Under their story place there is a 5-story nuclear fallout shelter, a sort of alternative city hidden. Next door, there is building of former yeshiva, where the grandfather of Leonard Cohen once preached. That grandfather of Cohen who knew about darkness. So Silverpieces sound like fans of PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Meshuggah and Jeff Buckley jamming
together. Not too happy sounding jam.
The band recorded their first demo in Kentshire, UK in late 2016, and it was the Britain’s Best Small Venue (according to the NME) or Ramsgate Music Hall where they played their debut gig. In the summer of 2017 they toured major Lithuanian and Polish festivals – Galapagai, Granatos, Cieszanow Rock and opened for aquarian Finnish psych band Death Hawks. Their album “Linger” is out now on legendary Lithuanian alternative label Zona

.Listen to it here: 



BOOKINGS:      garsas@bendrakalba.lt

photo by Ula Liuka Photography

photo by Ula Liuka Photography